Thursday, January 8, 2009

Getting My Health on the Right Track for 2009

Why is it that most people have a lot of knowledge and understanding about what they need to do to make themselves healthier but they just don’t do it? It’s not like the information isn’t available. Whether we want to have a better body, improve our diet, lose weight or reduce our stress – we tend to know the basics we just seem to lack the gumption to apply what we know.

Hey, I’m no different. I’m an Ayurvedic Practitioner and a massage therapist. I have an excellent understanding of my body type and what it takes for me to maintain my individual state of health and balance. I know what foods are best for me, the proper daily practices to maintain optimal health and how to take care of myself using Ayurvedic Medicine as my foundation for harmonious living. So why am I not doing it on a consistent basis?

It’s easy to get out of balance, but creating and maintaining balance takes discipline and willingness to change. Now that 2009 is upon us and the New Years resolutions are on my mind I’m ready to make a change. So I’ve decided to commit myself to 30 days of living according to Ayurvedic Medicine’s individualized practice for self healthcare. That means for 30 days I’m going to eat foods that are right for my body type and current imbalances. I will maintain a daily self care regimen based on Ayurvedic principles and truly live a health centered existence for 30 days.

This blog will be my diary to document my progress to find out what happens when you superimpose an ancient system of holistic healthcare, like Ayurveda, onto a modern 2009 lifestyle. I’m ready.

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