Thursday, January 8, 2009

Step One - The Ayurvedic Consultation

Before I begin my 30 days of Ayurveda I’ve got to evaluate my current state of health. I enlisted a fellow Ayurvedic Practitioner, my good friend Greg Soucy, to help me out. Greg agreed to give me an Ayurvedic Consultation and regularly check my progress. Greg has been an Ayurvedic Practitioner for 12 years. He is truly gifted in what he does so I feel confident in his recommendations for me as I move forward. I took an Ayurvedic self test and according to the results I am a Vata-Pitta body type with a Vata imbalance.

I gave Greg the scoop on my current observations regarding the state of my health. We discovered that I’ve got some mild constipation going on and some cloudiness to my urine. I’ve been eating too much broccoli and cauliflower (not good for my body type or current imbalance), and I’ve been craving carbs and sweets. The holidays caused some intake of junk food and holiday treats so some detoxification is in order.
The social side of me prefers to eat with friends, and when I’m alone I tend to put projects before nourishment. I exercise fairly regularly since I’m also a dancer and I do some power walking. Probably 2-3 times a week I engage in some type of exercise yet I still have low energy. I typically feel like a nap in the afternoons and find myself regularly falling asleep on the couch before bedtime.

My menstral cycle is such that I’m experiencing major cramping and back pain. I haven’t been getting a restful sleep in a while. I find myself having strange dreams, needing to get up in the night to pee. I tend to wake up in the night to think and worry about what I need to do the next day rather than enjoying a sound sleep.

My relationships are pretty good. The only major issue I seem to be experiencing is with my husband. For me, a Vata imbalance equals a low libido. My mind and emotions are affected by my imbalance too. I tend towards fear, frustration and worry.

Lately I’ve been trying to get over an illness so I’ve got some excess mucous clogging up my sinuses, lungs and colon and a cough that’s been lingering for weeks.

Greg gave me a pulse evaluation and felt the Vata imbalance right away. We also discovered that my digestion is weak, there’s some congestion in the colon and lungs and my kidneys were a little sluggish from not drinking enough water.

So that’s where I’m at before I embark upon my 30 day journey.

Recommendations for My 30 Days of Self Healthcare:
Greg and I came up with a customized Self Healthcare plan for my 30 days of conscious Ayurvedic living. We’re going to start by making a personalized herbal tea blend for my body type and imbalances. Greg suggested roots to lower my Vata and keep me grounded and some flowers to keep my Pitta in check as well. A personalized essential oil blend for daily self massage will also be in order. I’m also going to make a spice blend called a churna to sprinkle on my foods for help with my digestion. These are the custom blended items typically suggested by an Ayurvedic Practitioner with your first consultation.

So here’s the deal. I’ve been instructed to eat a Vata reducing diet, that means eliminating the broccoli and cauliflower. I’m going to begin taking specific supplements like olive leaf extract with pau d’arco for my sweat cravings. These are to battle any excess yeast I may have in my body. Triphala nightly for constipation and digestive support as well as Shatavari for my menstral issues. Triphala is the most famous Ayurvedic herbal blend and Shatavari is an Ayurvedic herb that is useful to the female reproductive system.

Additionally, I will be investing in a homeopathic remedy to help me sleep. Greg suggested Rescue Remedy Sleep. Abdominal self massage before bed will be incorporated to help my elimination and to relieve any possible pressure that may be on my ovaries causing massive cramping.

I’ve got to schedule a colonic to help with the congestion in my colon. I will also be doing steam inhalations with eucalyptus oil to help with the congestion in my lungs and doing daily nasal rinses to relieve my sinuses of excess mucous. Dry skin brushing before my shower to exfoliate and also help with lymphatic flow and self massage with my personal blend oil after my shower for the medicinal benefit of essential oils to be absorbed through the skin. I can also do the self massage before bed to help me sleep.

One of the main issues causing imbalance within my mind and emotions is the fact that I don’t regularly take time for myself and do things for me. Greg suggested the practice of yoga morning and even at night as well as meditation to help center my mind and help me feel that peace and calm I’ve been lacking for months.

I realized I do some of these things some of the time and now I’m committed to do it all for the next thirty days. I’ve got to pick up some supplies at the health food store. I’ve rented some yoga DVD’s. I’m considering my Vata reducing grocery list and what meals will be appropriate during the next 30 days. It all begins tomorrow.

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  1. this is a wonderful journal.....I came across your blog while searching for some Ayurvedic recipes....My body is out of whack right now in this cold season...and I need something to balance my tridoshic body (I think)
    I'll come back to read more! Good Luck with it!