Thursday, January 15, 2009

Day 5 - The Joys of Self-Healthcare

On the fifth day of my journey I noticed how connected I’m beginning to feel to this thing called self-healthcare. All of the things I have learned about Ayurveda and understood conceptually began sinking in today. I don’t know that I have ever been so committed to my Self and my well-being. I’m really starting to feel empowered by this experience.

I find that I wake up in the morning, I immediately begin to consider what I need to do to keep myself in balance for the day. All the little daily practices like drinking my tea, brushing my skin and doing my self massage really make a difference in how I feel. I’m noticing that I each night I have a more restful sleep. I even realized today that I haven’t had any sweet cravings since I started this 30 day dedication to my health. Obviously the pau d’ arco and olive leaf extract supplements are helping.

When I cook my food and when I sit down to eat it in a peacefully, I begin to feel what my books and teachers always said, “Let food be your medicine.” I’m carefully choosing what I put into my body and my body is responding so well to my renewed commitment to it.

I was thinking about my past lack of discipline today. I thought about the times I chose convenience over wellness. Those days I didn’t feel like cooking and opted for something quick and cheap as my meal of choice. I was comparing the delicious foods I’ve been making now to the junk I would settle for in the past – over processed, toxic, dead food. What was I thinking? Did I not love myself enough to give my body the proper nourishment it deserves?

Our bodies are amazing machines. They do their best for us even under the horrible conditions we put them in. Our bodies work so hard for us every day to maintain the balance that they need to perform their millions of functions. Why have we become so complacent about how we treat them and what we put in them?

Most of us treat our cars better than we treat our bodies. We know that if we don’t put the proper gas in our car, get an oil change, a tune up and a new set of tires after so many miles it won’t run efficiently for us. The same is true for our body. Do you really want to drive a car that’s almost out of gas and low on water, needs an oil change and has bald tires? Probably not. But you’re willing to operate your body like this on a daily basis. What’s up with that?

Today I’m thanking myself that I decided to stop the madness and commit myself to 30 days of healthy living. It’s only day five and I’m really loving how I feel. What an awesome way to live.

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